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How did you find your Accountant?  Does this sound familiar?  Here’s a first-hand account of the steps you can take to find a good Accountant in Birmingham.

I needed to find an accountant to take care of my business finances. I had tried doing it myself, however, I just didn’t have the time to do it any longer. I never really liked it either. I didn’t feel like I was as accurate as a professional in the field would be. Since my business was starting to take off, I wanted to make sure I had all my finances in order and knew that hiring an accountant was the way to go.

I started searching for a Birmingham accountant to help me and went online. I found several of them listed in the area that would be able to help me out. I was able to read reviews to see which one I preferred but wanted to check their prices before hiring one.

I made phone calls to the Birmingham accountants I could find in the area to see what they would charge for the services I needed and how it would work. I got prices from several of them and there were a few that were way out of my price range. I knew I didn’t want to pay that much for basic bookkeeping services.

After I called around and got prices, I chose one that was a little cheaper than the others but had really great reviews from their customers. I was able to meet with them to discuss my business and my bookkeeping needs. I have been really happy with the accountant I chose and feel that I made a really great choice. They have been in close contact with me about my finances and have been doing a really great job with everything. They are also really friendly and nice which is a plus for me.